I Broke My Internets

Somehow over the last six months, my computer skills eroded and I'm now a McCainesque luddite, so we'll have to just live with this shittastic template for the forseeable future until I can figure out how to make a better one. The colours have been Blue Jayified at least now.

I know I wrote I'd explain about the hiatus, and I will, with an unveiling shortly, but for now, let's get down and open up this coconut of a season and see what's to make of it.

I've been paying relatively close attention to this team for the past little while, which has included: going to a game (!), watching the team on the tube, and adding baseball writers to my twitter account. Needless to say, I am as well versed as Skip Bayless & Matthew Berry now.

In doing so, I have made three observations:

1) This team is much too old to be this bad. For the team's hitting future to be square on the shoulders of Adam Lind and Alex Rios is saying a lot. Travis Snider, despite the hype, is still an unknown commodity, and the development of top position picks Kevin Ahrens, Justin Jackson, etc. has not been going as people have expected.

2) The Baltimore Orioles are one of the scariest young teams in the majors right now. Yes, a lot was said of their young arms a few years ago, when they had the likes of Adam Loewen, Daniel Cabrera, Hayden Penn, etc., which blew up real good. But the trio of Tillman, Arrieta and Matusz looks really sick, and with the youngsters in the outfield, plus Matt Wieters, plus a sickly low payroll, this team could be in business real soon.

3) When did Kyle Drabek become an uber prospect? I've had this guy in my ridiculously deep keeper league since he was drafted by the Phillies, and up to this year, he was either a) shitty or b) hurt. So he puts it together this year in the low minors, shows promise while being promoted, and all of a sudden becomes the sticking point for the Phils to acquire the best pitcher in baseball? I'm no baseball genius, but something really doesn't compute here. As a quick aside, some of the reported offers the Jays have been making and are getting buffed at seem odd too. The latest was Halladay for Aybar, Wood and Saunders. And that was too rich for the Halos. Call me crazy, but does anyone in baseball actually still like Brandon Wood & Joe Saunders?

Anyways, good to be back. More explanations on the way, and more baseball chat. Go Expos!


New template, no more pseudonyms, an explanation of why this blog has been on hiatus, and more on the horizon. Stay tuned! (By the way, this shitty horrible tempate is not the new template, it's just a holding place til the new one comes along... somehow the old template got Kansas City Royally Fubared).

Shit just got real! All Your Base is Back for the stretch drive. What did I miss?