The Twilight Zaun

Does hitting .243 with five home runs, with a below average gun behind the plate warrant being a back up? Fuck that! It's if the Jays have turned around and started not rewarding grit and baseball acumen that overflows in guys like David Eckstein and Zaunie, and all of a sudden resorted to actual talent and production to make their decisions in putting out the best roster available.

Laughably, Zaun has now resorted to going to the media in order to help grease the wheels for his way out of town, as if that helped Bengie Molina get dealt when the fat man was in a similar situation two years ago in Toronto.

Unfortunately for Zaun, he's seemed to have forgotten that guys like him, Jay Gibbons, Barry Bonds and others named in Mitchell's report aren't in real high demand on teams' list of acquisition targets.

Let Me Talk About My Fantasy

No, not the one involving Rachel Weisz. My Fantasy baseball team in the league that I wrote about many months ago, involving the who's who of the Toronto Blue Jays Blogosphere.

The timing is perfect right now to write about it, because at this present time, All Your Base Are Belong to Rios is sitting atop in first place in the fourteen team league, surprisingly with little movement to the roster throughout the season. I've been sticking to my guns for the most part with my team that I've drafted with a few notable changes... notably, Carlos Delgado is out at first base, replaced by Mike Jacobs... the rest of the team is pretty much still there.

King Felix is quietly having a dominating fantasy season, while Brandon Webb, and Daisuke (when healthy) are certainly providing good numbers to my team week in and out. I've been relatively quiet on the waiver front, but was somehow able to get Joba midway through the year.

Everyone is preparing for David Price's September call up for the playoff drive.

Watching the Chiefs

So I went down to Syracuse a couple of weeks ago, as indicated in my last post, during my hiatus from this blog, and witnessed a truly horrendous Triple A team that the Jays currently have. Granted, in recent years, teams have veered away from putting any talent whatsoever in their AAA franchises and let their studs marinate in AA, but still this was a truly depressing site.

I remember going to see the likes of Carlos Delgado smash bombs into right field... or seeing Chris Weinke fester year in and year out down in the Cuse, only to be recently rescued from his obscurity with a job quarterbacking the Carolina Panthers... but now... wow, it was pretty awful.

The Chiefs were playing the Durham Bulls, farm team of the Tampa Rays. So I was able to see a couple of their "studs"... Joel Guzman and Reid Brignac were the names I recognized from that squad, and neither looked remotely impressive. Guzman is a monster imposing figure but whiffed at pitches left right and centre... Brignac basically looked like he could eventually become an average to below average short stop in the bigs...

For the Jays/Chiefs... their Home Run leader for the team was their Right Fielder... he was hittng .215, but fans were very excited about his potential... it was Russ Adams. And he looked like the Russ we all knew. Interestingly, he didn't have one ball hit to him during the 9 inning affair. But their centre fielders Wayne Lydon sure did... a monster blast in the 6th or 7th inning where Lydon ran forward to grab it... unfortunately, the ball sailed over his head, and he cost the team a run with his bonehead defence... Lydon attempted to make up for his faux pas the next inning when he got on base... only to be picked off of first base...

Davis Romero pitched well, but it was a lost cause and the team lost.

Oh well, at least they've got Jesse Litsch now to save them.

On a side note, I heard on multiple occasions fans referring to JP Ricciardi as "a piece of shit GM." I thought it was hilarious.

Guess Who's Back?

No, not Rakim. It's us!! Errr... me! What the fuck have I been doing? You probably don't care... but I moved, went on vacation, went back to work after vacation and had no life for 2 weeks, then finally got the internet back this week.

Which means a plethora of posts are on the backburner, stewing in my head over the month and ready to be shot out rapid fire. Hold on for a ride... get ready for some hot new shit.

Topics include: Jays Minor League Facebook Mania, Whose Side This Blog Is on in the ongoing Pro/Anti AJ Burnett war, My Recent Trip to see the Chiefs, and maybe a post on why this blog will never use the term Mancrush ever...