The Twilight Zaun

Does hitting .243 with five home runs, with a below average gun behind the plate warrant being a back up? Fuck that! It's if the Jays have turned around and started not rewarding grit and baseball acumen that overflows in guys like David Eckstein and Zaunie, and all of a sudden resorted to actual talent and production to make their decisions in putting out the best roster available.

Laughably, Zaun has now resorted to going to the media in order to help grease the wheels for his way out of town, as if that helped Bengie Molina get dealt when the fat man was in a similar situation two years ago in Toronto.

Unfortunately for Zaun, he's seemed to have forgotten that guys like him, Jay Gibbons, Barry Bonds and others named in Mitchell's report aren't in real high demand on teams' list of acquisition targets.

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