Let Me Talk About My Fantasy

No, not the one involving Rachel Weisz. My Fantasy baseball team in the league that I wrote about many months ago, involving the who's who of the Toronto Blue Jays Blogosphere.

The timing is perfect right now to write about it, because at this present time, All Your Base Are Belong to Rios is sitting atop in first place in the fourteen team league, surprisingly with little movement to the roster throughout the season. I've been sticking to my guns for the most part with my team that I've drafted with a few notable changes... notably, Carlos Delgado is out at first base, replaced by Mike Jacobs... the rest of the team is pretty much still there.

King Felix is quietly having a dominating fantasy season, while Brandon Webb, and Daisuke (when healthy) are certainly providing good numbers to my team week in and out. I've been relatively quiet on the waiver front, but was somehow able to get Joba midway through the year.

Everyone is preparing for David Price's September call up for the playoff drive.


Lloyd the Barber said...

My team is firmly entrenched in last place. It sucks. I drafted so poorly...

fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

If you are interested in adding another fantasy player/team next year I would love to volunteer.

Fantasy Baseball

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