A Look Ahead

Finally, with mercy, the Jays have acknowledged that it is time to turn the page, with their trading of Matt Stairs, and the promotion of the over hyped phenom that is Travis Snider, the team is now trying to show fans that there is something to get giddy about.

Travis Snider. Your coming out party is tonight in Yankee Stadium. Don't fuck this up, or the Toronto beat will quickly dismiss you as another Russ Adams or Ricky Romero.

Let's see a 4/4, with 4 homer night. Anything less is unacceptable.

Hotel Post

I'm in my hotel room and just found out it actually has Wi-Fi, so I'm busting out a post at warp speed before I head out for dinner.

Some quick thoughts about this past week of baseball:

1) The Joba injury really shouldn't surprise anyone. But let's not fool ourselves in thinking that this marks the end of the year for Yanks. This is the one team in baseball that's able to make superstar half seasons out of guys like Shawn Chacon and Aaron Small.

2) Yesterday, I was in a pub talking to a couple from Boston. Inexplicably, neither knew that Manny Ramirez had been traded. Which I thought would have been impossible living in a city so obsessed with the Sox. Apparantly, not so.

3) Family Feud is the best game show on TV. They should do a Baseball Special over the winter.

Ricciardi vs Zaun : TKO

Gregg Zaun is still a Blue Jay. Much to the chagrin on Zaun, but moreso for the the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

When asked about why the Jays didn't move Zaun as per the backup catcher's request, "Ricciardi said there was some interest in Barajas, but none in Zaun."

For those wondering, J.P. Ricciardi draft pick, J.P. Arencibia, is coming soon, probably in September.

Arencibia's hit over 20 homers already split between High A and Double A, and it hitting in the .300 range. He's easily leapfrogged both Robinson Diaz and Curtis Thigpen as the Jays premier backstop prospect.