A Look Ahead

Finally, with mercy, the Jays have acknowledged that it is time to turn the page, with their trading of Matt Stairs, and the promotion of the over hyped phenom that is Travis Snider, the team is now trying to show fans that there is something to get giddy about.

Travis Snider. Your coming out party is tonight in Yankee Stadium. Don't fuck this up, or the Toronto beat will quickly dismiss you as another Russ Adams or Ricky Romero.

Let's see a 4/4, with 4 homer night. Anything less is unacceptable.


Griffster said...

0 for 1... piece of SHIT!

Griffster said...

1 for 2 with a double... .500 batting average!?! HALL OF FAME!

fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

This kid is going to strikeout, strikeout, and strikeout but hopefully he sprinkles in some HR's.

I hope he can be the HR/RBI guy that Jays desperately seek. With Rios/Wells/Snider in the OF next year the Jays might have a strong legitimate lineup. Assuming Rios/Wells can hit some bombs.

Fantasy Baseball

manbearpig said...

I think you should change your missing sign from "Brandon League's control"
to "BJ Ryan's control"