Snow Day!

The sweet snow falling in Toronto today meant a work day off! Which allowed me to catch up a bit on what's happening in Jay land. So.. what did I find?

Fuck all!

O.K. That's not technically true. The Jays and Alex "The Franchise" inked a one year deal which Richard Griffin believes has been constructed in a way that would make one believe a long term deal is on the way.

Also, in other Jay news, I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea, but The Toronto Star and Paul Godfrey worked together to show the world that the Jays' president holds true to his word. Appeasing the millions who asked for it, Godfrey was videotaped jogging around his stadium. Bizarre footage found here.

The National Post put together a somewhat interesting little article about the all of a sudden quiet Gregg Zaun. They really weren't able to provide anything really insightful about the circumstances surrounding Zaun, but noted that since the Mitchell Report has been released, Zaun has changed his phone number and has become inaccessible to the media. One wonders what the future holds for Zaunie, if he'll remain Jamie Campbell's buddy or go the way of Scott Downs. One also wonders what the reaction will be from his Zaunbie Nation.

In other ex-Jay news, Tony Fernandez is being inducted to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, and Eric Hinske is still unemployed.

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