All Your Base Are Belong to _______?

Time to bust out the sweatpants Jays fans, the relationship between the franchise and The Franchise is over, with the team inexplicably dumping their underacheiving superstar for "financial flexibility", which will allow the team to.... overpay for other free agents?

So now the most pressing question is, what becomes of the blog's title? In memory, shall it stay the same, or should the band-aid be ripped off, with a brand new player who will own the base? A poll will be up shortly with the candidates. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

All Your Base Are Belong to Dirk Hayhurst.

eyebleaf said...

I say it remains the same until spring training 2010.

All Your Base Are Belong to Cito.

Mike D said...

All Our Left-On-Base Are Belong to Wells.

Anonymous said...

I give my vote to Snider. He should at least be around for awhile. Well, Wells too, I guess, but for different reasons...

bkblades said...

Keep Rios' memory alive. Engrish is a timeless language.

Anonymous said...

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