Offseason Fun

The World Series is almost done, which means one thing, the offseason frenzy of moves is approaching. Pardon me for not commenting more on the World Series, but I work in the morning, and I don't feel it necessary to stay up until 1am every night to see the shitty Rockies play.

Unlike years past, this upcoming offseason appears to be one that will have little activity. Most teams have their superstars locked up, not looking to move them, and the free agent pool is very, very weak, with only A-Rod, Torii Hunter and I guess Andruw Jones being the premier guys available.

For the Jays, nobody is expecting a plethora of moves, and the biggest name Wilner has provided as a possible signing has been Brad Wilkerson.


To tide us over will be George Mitchell's steroids report that is probably going to bury guys like Clemens and other future Hall of Famers. What should be most interesting is seeing whether the tide will turn with sportswriters, and their opinions of whether McGwire, Raffy, etc, etc, should be admitted with this new information available.

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