Red Sox vs Yankees, Again!

All Your Base's views on all the talk going on now....

Johan Santana for Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera and some mid tier prospect:

Our View: Melky is pretty shitty mediocre, and doesn't help a team at all if he's the lineup every day... but he doesn't hurt the lineup either. He seems very milquetoast. Which really should be his nickname: Milquetoast Cabrera. So this deal is essentially Johan for Phil Hughes. Hughes would be under control for a half a decade by the penny pinching Twinkies, and he's a top 5 pitching prospect. It makes total sense for the Twins to be all over this...

But some say the Twins might prefer:

Johan Santana for Jacoby Ellsbury, Jed Lowrie, and Justin Masterson

Our View: So the final two guys are basically at the level of Kason Gabbard who they dealt away for Eric Gagne. Basically, alright guys, maybe a bit higher ceilings. Obviously it's mostly just Ellsbury who is the highlite of the deal, and Ellsbury looks to be a good solid major leaguer. Johan is a top stud pitcher... worth way more than this deal. Twinkies are dumb as fuck if they prefer this over the Yanks offer.

So there's a lot of crazy talk going on now, but we haven't seen anything printed about some deal's we've heard from our sources, so we decided to put them out here, take a gander at these new rumors du jour:

All Your Bases' exclusive NEW RUMORS!!!:

  • The Blue Jays will be talking to the Giants to test the waters out for one of their young pitchers.

  • Mark Prior's days with the Cubs are numbered, with the Padres appearing to be his future destination. The San Diego native's stock is nearly at zero right now, but the Padres would be forced to give something of value for the still high ceiling but oft-injured talent. Former #1 overall pick Matt Bush is a possible exchange piece.

  • The San Francisco Giants are considering moving Tim Lincecum for Miguel Cabrera.

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