The Return of BJ

It's been pretty quiet the last few days which has allowed All Your Base's minds to drift, drift away to thinking about the return of the Beej. And how, in his return, he needs to be fresh, new, and exciting for the fans. The only way to do this, is to steal a page from the geniuses at the WWE, and return... with brand new music!!!

Now don't get us wrong... there wasn't anything necessarily awful about his old stuff.. the Slipknot tune with the flames burning through the JumboTron, but any Jay fan knows that before Beej was here, that tune always blared when Shitski came up to the plate, painful memories indeed.

So what could Beej come out to? Papelbon got the right idea in Beantown taking in the local flavour and picking a pretty kick ass tune from the Dropkick Murphys... Beej should follow cue and take a local Canadian joint to rock to... and after scanning the tunes... we submit this selection:

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