Things Are Picking Up...

These winter meetings are 95% hot air, but with the dilution of the free agent market, it's really turning old school with trade rumors coming harsh and fierce, and now with the Internet at everyone's fingertips, the fun is non-stop 24-7.

We didn't expect to hear a peep out of Jays camp, but someone must've lit a fire up JP's ass, cause every national update has something going on with Toronto. A quick glance over the biggest news stories from the day from Jay land:

1) As mentioned previously, our boy Alex Rios may be heading out of town. Say it ain't so!! Unless, it's for Motherfucking Tim Lincecum!! There have been many variations, with other names dangled about in these San Fran/Toronto trade talks, but apparantly, it's now come to a one for one swap, take it or leave it deal, with would be Rios for Lincecum straight up. Which would be straight up sexy for the T-Dot.

2) Rumors circulated about Troy Glaus going to the Dodgers. Which would be quite ballsy if the Jays would ship out Rios and Glaus this offseason. Cause that's some serious power outage. It won't happen, but when reading the rumor, we read that the Jays covet Andy LaRoche, which is tight, because we love LaRoche too.

3) Jays are gonna sign Paul LoDuca for about 4 million bucks, on a one year deal. All Your Base hates fucking Paul Lo Duca, but are not against the signing out of necessity. In other words, despite his fucking doucheness, Lo Duca is a considerable upgrade over Sal Fasano.

In any event, let's say deal number one and deal number three happens, the Jays would certainly be the best team in the National League, and it wouldn't be even that close. Unfortunately, they play in a division with Boston and New York, and the American League also has the Tigers and Angels.


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