The Eckstein Diversion

Meet your newest Toronto Blue Jay: David Eckstein. Spunky, little, hardnosed, Reed Johnsonesque. Sadly he is a very mediocre player, but his Craig Grebek stature, and balls out play should be fun to watch for the 2007 season as the Jays sail to another patented third place finish.

The infield actually looks pretty fun now, with the very underrated Marco Scutaro and the very overrated, but still entertaining Eckstein. And thank fucking goodness that John McDonald will now be a reserve. Yes, his defence was spectacular, but bearing with him in the 9th spot in the order would have just been devastating over 162 games.

Now Gibby has the big question infront of him: scrappy hardnosed Reeder in the leadoff spot, or scrappy hardnosed Eckstein? I'm going to go with the obvious choice of Reed, and assume Eck will be hitting in the nine spot.

Oh yeah, in other news, Gregg Zaun was outed as a juicer. This should really shock nobody.

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