Fourteen Wins in Twenty Games

That's a .700 winning percentage, and the best record in major league baseball.

Boys Beware! This team has some moxy, some grit, some balls out hustle and will to win -- and they are doing this without David Eckstein, Reed Johnson or Gregg Zaun. How is this possible?

Clearly, the return of Aaron Hill has been massive. Over the last little while, Jeff Blair has commented on the fact that Hill will soon be the cornerstone and face of the franchise. I was a little speculative of this assertion early on in the season, and while it's very premature, the dude looks Dustin Pedroiaish, and apparantly, being Dustin Pedroiaish means you are MVP worthy.

All you need to do is take a gander at Scott Downs' strikeout to walk ratio this year, and determine that he is now at the level of a shutdown closer, even though he doesn't physically look like one.

Serious concerns now face the rotation. The team can't keep up a first place click with Purcey, Richmond, Tallet, and Burress rounding out 2-5, so one begins to wonder how long the Jays can tide this over before the likes of Janssen, McGowan (?), Marcum (?) and Romero (!) return.

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