Analysis of First Ten Games

After the first ten games, the Jays sit at 7-3.

First Place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

That's beautiful. And even better now that Jesse Litsch is on the DL. Clearly, some of the early success the Jays have had can be attributed to the relatively minimal amount of scouting reports other teams have about the Jays lefty starting pitchers.

Add another lefty youngster out there, and the Jays should undoubtedly further their domination.

But seriously, this is probably the best it will be for Jays fans this year -- so let's savour it before we inevitably start to see the cracks.

Some glimmers of hopes: the Red Sox appear to have some serious issues this year, Papi looks awful, Dice-K is already tired, Ellsbury looks mediocre, their left side of the infield is brutal, and their closer might be hiding an injury.

Some not so glimmer of hope: the Rays appear to have a roster that is better than last year, and have David Price hiding in the minors right now.

Early prognosis (based on 10 games of watching MLB games): Tampa and NY seem primed for the AL East, but Toronto could conceivably be a better team than Boston.

Start the countdown before we start hearing about Roy Halladay going to Tampa for Tim Beckham and other prospects.

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