Another Reason to Listen to the Radio

Turn off the TV. Either go to the games, or listen to them on the Radio. Here's a sampling of today's great broadcast on the Fan.

(Wilner & Ashby talking about players forging their birth cirtificates so that team's draft them thinking they are younger than they actually are... Wilner mentions that there was a player picked up by the name of Isabel Giron, who used younger sister's birth certificate to pose as someone five years younger)

Ashby: In that case, they didn't need to forge the certificate.

Short Pause

Wilner: Well, except in one category.


Navin Vaswani said...

Howarth, Ashby and Wilner are the shit. love those cats.

Tao of Stieb said...

We listen the the games with the TV on...if something important happens, with the delay on the TV signal, we can usually crank our head around to see it.

Ashby's been a godsend. He's not even remotely a homer, he's got mad knowledge of the game, and has such a great rapport with Jerry.

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