Game One Thoughts

After finishing my weekly Tuesday pick up basketball game, I ran to the closest bar nearby. I won't tell you what that bar was, but it was the shittiest bar I've ever been to in my entire life. They had the Jay game on for my first twenty minutes I was there, but after a group of stereotypical puckheads came in and asked for them to turn on the Leaf game, the bartender obliged to their request, and I was treated to a pointless hockey affair.

I quickly asked the bartender to please put one of the televisions to the opening day game of our beloved baseball team, and he obliged. I became the only patron situated infront of that TV. The rest of the patrons hooted and hollared for every meaningless Leaf goal.

Anyways, quick thoughts on the game.

Observation One: This game had an unbelievable atmosphere. Intense, and it really felt that the game meant a lot more than it actually did. Great television.

Observation Two: Despite the horrible settings to watch the game in, away games are still better to be watched in bars, because you don't have to listen to the commentators.

Observation Three: The Jays new uniforms are much better than their last incarnation. The numbers and lettering font is still not great, but a vast improvement over last season's.

Observation Four: Is it me, or does Overbay always seem really tense in late and close games? I don't have any numbers... for the statistically inclined, does anyone have Overbay's career numbers in late and tight situations?

Observation Five: Marco Scutaro is on pace for 300 stolen bases.

Observation Six: I don't get the Joba hype.


Jonathan said...

O-bay C/L: .272 .349 .418

Pretty much par for the course since you face better pitchers in those situations...

Lloyd "the barber" Moseby said...

He absolutely hammered that farnsworth offering last night.

Robbie Alomar said...

Thanks for the numbers. And props for putting up those strikezone charts, making the umps look like chumps.