Games All Weekend

Jays home for a while and that means live reports from the SkyDome.

There'll be a much more in depth report filed here over the weekend, but I'll address this one theme that seems to be consuming the Fan 590 tonight, that's compleletly fucking ridiculous.

To all those people calling in and complaining about how crazy and off the wall fans were at the SkyDome tonight, with there being no security and whatnot... Have You Not Been To A Home Opener In the Past 10 Years??? They are always fucking crazy, and off the wall. Factor that with it being against Boston, so all the Massachusetts boneheads coming down... also that it is a FRIDAY NIGHT game, if you were expecting tea time at Cullen Gardens, then yeah, it was a real eye opener.

Sanity returns for the rest of the season. Stop whining and bask in the win.

Go Jays.

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