Broken Hearts Club

Not only will Eckstein be playing on the same field as Reeder, but they both will be on the left side of the field. With little David at short, and plugger Johnson in left field, any bloop between them will undoubtedly stir the hearts of the Jays faithful, wondering whose heart... whose grit... whose will to win, will grab that ball, and steal a hit away from the opposition.

Unfortunately, due to moderate talent, mediocre defense, suspect wheels, and a string of serious past injury problems, one would have to believe that despite the unquantifiably, but undoubtedly huge hearts of both Eck and Reeder, the majority of these balls will fall in.

I suspect there will be an initial endorsement from the fans with the play of Eckstein and Johnson during the first few weeks of the season, but that should end soon. With the probability of the entire left side of the infield going on the shelf by June, fans will have had their fill of appreciating grit and hussle, and steroid induced Glaus power, and then ride out the rest of the summer watching Scutaro, Johnny Mac, and Matt Stairs, three perfectly below average baseball players, ride the team to the sunset... how depressing.

Such doom and gloom this post... however, Baseball America will be revealing their top 10 prospects for the Jays this week, and we're going to be all over that, cause we love the Jays' system. Well, love is a strong word, but we certainly like it! We'll see what BA says, and then post our opinions shortly thereafter.

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