Birds of a Feather Flock Together

It looks official. The 2008 Blue Jays have incarnated the 2006 MLB Champion Cardinals roster to take over the left side of the infield.

Scott Rolen is a Jay, and my initial reaction is this: change is good. From a pure entertainment standpoint, Rolen gives the average fan a new attraction for the next season. Once regarded as the premiere 3B in the game, Jays fans have never really had the opportunity to see Rolen on a regular basis... a career National Leaguer, his defensive gems were largely not seen in Canada.

Granted, Rolen is not the same player he once was. However, after multiple surgeries on his shoulders, apparantly Jays brass, who have seen his medical reports, are high on his chances to return to greatness.

I suspected late last year that the Jays were desparate to unload Glaus, but didn't think there'd be any market at all for him. With the public fighting between LaRussa and Rolen, all of a sudden the Cards were a team that was desparate for a change at the position, and the Jays were happy to oblige, ridding the team of their own corner infielder that they obviously grew tired of.

Contracts aside, past production aside, this deal really boils down to a health issue. Which player do you think has the best chance to recover from past injuries and has the body to sustain the gruelling 162 game schedule for 2008 and beyond. It seems the jury is divided, but put me on the side of the Jays camp. After seeing Glaus "play" the last 2 years, it's hard to think that he'll be able to get his career back on track, even if playing on grass.

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