Glaus is Going Nowhere Fast

It has become increasingly more self evident that the trade value of Troy Glaus is much lower than when he was acquired just two years ago.

Even though he has less years on his contract left, and had, by all means, two very succesful campaigns since his move to Toronto, and he's still in his early 30s, his flaws have become more exposed than ever before.

He is, as people would like to say, an old 31. Which is very different than saying someone is an old 21. Lebron James is an old 22, because he looks way older than, say, this guy. Lebron physically looks like a 30 year old. So being called an old 22 is a positive.

On the contrary, it's also positive to say someone is a young 35. Like Jared Leto, people say he's a young 35 because its suprising to hear that he's that old. Yes, his music might be borderline shit, but fuck he looks young. And he likes blackberries.

But an old 31 is not a positive. Troy Glaus looks more warn down than 46 year old Julio Franco.

His injuries are mounting, as he's now, more than ever, showing he can't significantly contribute over a 162 game schedule, his body just breaks down and he swoons after the allstar break. Which makes him a guy the Jays would love to discard.

Publicly, their mantra has been that they are happy with him aboard. Privately, one must think that they'd be overjoyed with an offer, of any sort.

The jump to this conclusion is simple to amass. There have been reports stating that the Jays are open to dealing Glaus. The reason they haven't? Ricciardi has said it himself: they haven't got any offers. Which seems logical.

What are the advantages of Glaus? One dimensional power numbers for half a year at the corner infield position? Not really advantageous, plus it comes at an expensive financial price.

Let's be frank here. Troy Glaus is staying in Toronto, but it's not by choice. There are simply no takers.

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