Josh Towers Dumb Decisions

So now everyone seems to be jumping on this Josh Towers bandwagon. After beefing up his machismo last week criticizing his team's effort, and then drilling ARod last night, all of a sudden, in this lost season for the Jays, people are now gravitating towards Towers.

Fans are frustrated and it now looks like Josh Towers is coming to bat for them. Fans love seeing Towers rip his team for their lack of effort, because the fans think the same thing. Fans love seeing Towers drill ARod cause the Jay fans would love to do the same thing. But is this new Josh Towers, a vessell for Jay Fan frustrations for real? Or is there an underlining motive for his all of a sudden brush into the limelight?

His new persona of a trash talking, no nonsense fighter seems strangely out of character. Its reminiscent of the strange turn of Zach Morris in a late episode of Saved By the Bell, when out of the blue Morris becomes a tough guy and goes toe to toe with Slater. Very cool, but not really following his M.O.

So what's up with Towers? Did his agent give him advice that the more press he gets the more offers will come in when his contract expires this offseason? Does having a new tough as nails, trash talking persona make him a more attractive acquisition. Perhaps, however, if this is his objective, he's made a few mistakes.

Yes, he's getting out of the stable of the Jays fans whipping boy, a place he's occupied since the exodus of Eric Hinske.

But here's his main two problems:

1) He's ostrasized himself in the clubhouse. If you're going to rip your team, you gotta be specific. Otherwise, you've left this vague blanket criticism over all your teammates. You've belittled John McDonald, you've dissed Roy Halladay. They don't like this trash talking when they by association become a part of Towers ire. It's especially bothersome as well that it comes from a guy who was 2-10 last year. It's akin to Joel Madden being critical of the music industry.

2) Hitting A-Rod was fine. Belittling an old first base coach ain't such a tough guy move. I don't care if Tony Pena was smack talking you, you don't go out and start running your mouth off to the press about him, that's just weak. It's like Hulk Hogan just bad mouthing Bobby Heenan in a prematch interview rather than attacking Andre the Giant. Fans are like, 'what the fuck, pussy, go after the Giant!!!'

Clearly, Josh knows the writing's on the wall. And it looks like his trying to appease all the Torontonians before he hits the road. The question now is whether or not the new JT is making other teams take notice of him in a positive way. Take it away, Aretha!

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