What is Going On?

I know, I know you have many questions. You feel like Joe Schmo wondering what is going on? It's a brave new world, and I don't want to waste what little time you have here with long winded explanations. However, one question I am sure which is swirling through your head is: What's with the title of this blog?

The Answer: While the reference is dated, it's meant to signify the convergence of the emerging Irreverent Internet Subculture with the game of baseball, particularly the Toronto Blue Jays.

Those unfamiliar with the former, here is an example of what I mean by the Irreverent Internet Subculture in which the blogs title is derived from. For a comprehensive analysis of the culture, read this primer. As for the latter, pretty self explanatory, the meat and potatoes is Blue Jays Baseball.

To best understand what this is all about though is just to keep reading. All Your Base is currently looking for more writers to join us on this blog. Anonymity is promised, aliases are used, and the only criteria is enjoying watching videos like this.

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