Barry the Blue Jay

I don't know why, but when Barry Bonds hit his record breaking home run this week, baseball bloggers throughout Canada reacted similarly to mainstream media throughout North America -- with disgust, and disdain that so much attention is being given toward, what they call "a cheater."

This just reaks of hypocrisy, because I am sure, 100% sure, guaranteed, that if Barry Bonds were to have played his last 10 seasons here in Toronto, he'd be the most popular and beloved athlete in this country. One reason is because Torontonians would all of a sudden embrace the fact that Bonds would absolutely crush a lot of the moronic beat writers of the city. Everyone would go hog wild as Bonds would chastise Marty York and Richard Griffin, but more importantly, everyone would be excited because Bonds would be helping the Jays win, and be putting on a spectacle every night, justifying the price for admission.

Let's also take a look at how Canadians have reacted to people who have actually FAILED drug tests:

Exhibit A: Silken Laumann

Silken tested positive for PREFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS. Sure it was something like Sudafed or something, but nevertheless it was a banned substance. Canadians still loved Silken... a CHEATER.

Exhibit B: Ross Rebagliati

Ross Rebagliati tested postive for weed. Which wasn't a banned substance, so he got to keep his medal. But weed is illegal, like steroids are illegal, which some say is reason enough why Bonds shouldn't have taken the juice even though it wasn't banned in baseball. But weed wasn't banned in the Winter Olympics, but is an illegal substance. And Canadians love Ross.

Let's not also forget that Jay fans had no problems cheering for teams a decade ago which had players such as Jose Canseco, Brad Fullmer, David Segui, Roger Clemens, Benito Santiago and Billy Koch on them. Just sayin'.

So everyone calm down. Bonds got the record. Enjoy him while you can. Watch him play. Envision him in a Jay uniform. Think what could have been.

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