He Hit Coconuts Far

I'm really excited. And I'm not just excited because I saw Gary Beals rollerblading down my street today.

I'm excited because the Jays signed their 27th round draft pick today. Usually this doesn't illicit such fanfare, but the player has two major things going for him.

1) He's a Canuck, and he played right down the street this year for the Maple Leafs intercounty baseball team. That's tremendous! I don't care if he'll probably only make it to New Hampshire if he's lucky. He's signed sealed and ready to rock rookie ball now.

2) His name is Gilligan! How quirky! People in Lansing, get out your Skipper uniforms and pump this guy up. He's ready to roll. Sure, the low minors may be filling up with better talent, guys with boring names like Brett Cecil and Kevin Ahrens. But this guy, Kyle Gilligan, is surely the man to watch. Ahoy!!!

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