At Least We're not Baltimore

Mike Flanagan and his group of merry men are coming to town.

Err.. once merry men. Miggy is no longer Jiggy like the mascot. He has morphed from the happy exciting sparkplug to a sluggish, disgruntled employee.

And he's representative of the team as a whole. Nobody seems to enjoy being an Oriole. And with very good reason. These are the days, When all that they can do is dream. And with Angelos still running things,fans have expressed the same running prognosis on the squad: There's no hope with [this] dope [in charge].

Things looking bleak here in Toronto? Just take a look at this squad coming in for the series. Outside of Eric Bedard and Nick Markakis, there's nothing.


At least we know this fan will be on hand in Toronto, cheering on Eric Bedard, and inexplicably, Todd Williams. Todd Williams??

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