Presidential Doppelgangers

It's a long offseason, with many days to fill the void between the World Series, and Spring Training. One can only write about Scott Rolen so much.

So I've decided to throw something together that draws parallels between those in the American Presidential race and members of the Blue Jays. Maybe it will help Americans choose their next President. So... Presidential Doppelgangers... let's roll....

Barack Obama / Vernon Wells - Tremendously popular, and have unassuming, but very appealing demeaners. Past results are a little overstated, but both are very good at what they do. Black.

Hilary Clinton / JP Ricciardi - Healthy egos, a propensity for doing all the right things on paper, but suffering from a disconnect with the average Joe. Polarizing individuals who have both ardent supporters, and equally strident opponents.

John Edwards / Shaun Marcum - Never taken as seriously as they would like, viewed as quality workmen, whose ultimate fate is destined to be a second fiddle, or a part of the machine rather than the head.

Dennis Kucinich / David Eckstein - Small, fiesty, scrappy, and appealing to the press. Should not be taken seriously as a difference maker, but sometimes, unusually is.

John McCain / Roy Halladay - Rarely a bad word written about them. Quality workrate, and histories littered with times of trouble, but both able to fight, and overcome adversity.

Rudy Giuliani / Gregg Zaun - Leadership qualities considered to be their strength. Glaring holes in other parts of their repitoire are summarily dismissed, and critics reminded once again of their leadership qualities.

Mike Huckabee / John Gibbons - Popular philosophies with the heartland, widely mocked by the urbanites.

Mitt Romney / Paul Godfrey - Working with money is the general forte. Everything else is questionable.


Lloyd "the barber" Moseby said...

Although he withdrew from the race, I submit Frank Thomas as Fred Thompson. Gargantuan southern men that got off to terrible starts from which neither fully recovered.

Anonymous said...

Throw one in for the Zaun/Rudi comparison that they each have a somewhat shady past. Both are also American heroes.