Still loading up that Pen

As if a bullpen that consisted of Brandon League, Jeremy Accardo, Scott Downs, Brian Wolfe, Brian Tallet, and a returning BJ Ryan, weren't enough (not to mention the possibility of a returning Casey Janssen in the pen, Jason Frasor still somehow on the roster, and Davis Romero coming back to hopefully kick some ass), the Jays have been ridiculously busy this last week scraping arms off the free agent wire left right and centre.

First up was John Parrish, who I remember as a decent southpaw arm when he was with the O's a couple years ago. Then Lance Carter, who I never remember being good at all. And again today signing Shawn "This One Time at Band" Camp to another minor league deal.

Perhaps there is nothing to make of this string of signings. Probably it's just merely the team loading up on some insurance arms for their pen. Arms are always questionable, and it's never a bad idea to throw as many into the barn ready to be plucked from the farm when the major league guys show trouble.

But maybe the Jays are looking to see that if Ryan returns to his former self, they'll be able to use some of these pen arms, make them expendable, and start looking to address other needs (ie. catcher). It'd be hard for the team to improve in their backstop position. The Mets showed everyone that even an average catcher (Brian Schneider) came at a really big price. And all of a sudden, Bengie Molina and his fat contract are attractive to some squads. But one would think a trade within the division must have at least crossed the minds of Jays brass. The Orioles have Ramon Hernandez just waiting for his ticket out. The Orioles have a horrible bullpen. It seems a perfect fit. It seems a perfect storm is brewing.

But maybe it's just been this quiet month that's had strange visions coming to my mind.

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