Has Wilner Jumped the Shark?

I can't comprehend how Wilner thinks that this trade offer would be anywhere near as close as what Milwaukee would get if they put Prince Fielder on the market, but according to the normally realistic Wilner, the Jays should offer the Brew Crew this stinker of an offer:

Marc Rzepczynski OR David Purcey
Casey Janssen
Edwin Encarnacion
ONE OF Brad Mills, Daniel Farquhar, or Reider Gonzalez


Prince Fielder
JJ Hardy

Even if we are to assume that Hardy for Encarnacion is a wash (which is highly debatable, since Hardy probably has some value, while Encarnacion has absolutely no value, and they both have inflated salaries), the deal boils down to Rzep OR Purcey, plus Janssen, plus a slightly above average prospect for a 25 year old (looking to cash in) who has already hit 50 homers in a season, and currently has 43 homers this year and batting .300. Who cares if it's just a rental? If you're paying $2 for the rental, I'm sure some other team will offer $5.
Purcey is 27 and has done nothing in the majors or minors to suggest he will be anything more than a flamed out first round pick, and Rzep has all the scouts viewing him as a fourth starter.

Does Casey Janssen have that much trade value? Or did Wilner just have too much cough medicine the night he wrote this bizarre post??


Anonymous said...

Come on, you know teams are dying to get their paws on Casey Janssen, David Purcey & Brad Mills... they're this generation's Maddux, Glavine & Smoltz!!

eyebleaf said...

Love the pic...

On The Fence Sports said...

Prince is the man!


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