Rios Not Endearing Himself

So Alex Rios isn't making many new fans so far in his new city. In 20 games, a shocking .440 OPS, Rios appears lost at the plate and in the field, and single handedly is sinking the team's post season chances.

Some comments from the Chi-Sox faithful's message board from fans on their new centre fielder:

"I tell you what. some big shots in Toronto are smoking cigars and drinking cognac and laughing over the pickup by the Sox... I honestly believe that. This is my first criticism of him and I just can't believe Toronto gave him that contract. Whats even more is Williams picked this guy up... with all the dead wood on this team in Konerko, Dye , Ramirez, this guy is the deadest of them all. "

"He's a lazy slob who does nothing but suck and cash checks!!!! His teammates think he's the devil!!!! Fire Kenny Williams!!!!"

"They hung 3 curveballs IN A ROW to him today and he was under every single one. Get a clue man."

"It's like he has no brains out there and cant communicate. The time with Quentin looked like it happened because no one called the thing! And then it also happened later on that made Dye look bad, but again it's because Rios in CF wasnt taking charge."

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